Due to the expansion of our business, BHK group is searching for partners who would like to corporate with us and take up challenges in increasing the satisfaction of our customers.
The recruitment time, position to be recruited and the service locations of the respective position will be different from time to time, please feel free to inquire for details.


1. Sales & Production Management Staff

The main duty is the sales function of the products of Benesse Group (for Japan, China and Taiwan market). As our main customer is Benesse Corporation, the capability in Japanese in discussion/communication on the specifications of products and etc., is required. Beside acquiring sales orders, the staff is also responsible for the production management of products. The requisites for managing quality and production schedule are persistence and a sense of responsibility. As great responsibility in this post also results in a great sense accomplishment on the job, we really looking for motivated personnel to take up such post.



2. Quality Management/Technical/Quality Control Staff

Products developed by BHK group consist of different types. According to the type of products (electronic, wooden and fabric, etc.), the points of view on technical evaluation & quality control are different and will be changed. As infants & primary students are our main final customers, management arising from the point of view of safety is very important.

Staff in this position can fully leverage their experience in quality management and skill, we are looking for persons who are creative and willing to learn a wide range of new knowledge and capable to stand on our customer’s perspective to consider safety and quality.

王锋 入社8年目
企画、开发完美的产品是技术担当者最美好的心愿,我们在实践中积累、总结经验,总是在挑战最高的品质、 挑战最新的技术。我们不断的培养自己、也不断的培养合作伙伴,我们身边都是最优秀的人。

3. Business Support (Logistics Management) Staff

Most of our products are produced in China and export to Japan and this is our main trading/logistic route. But as our business expands, management in different aspects, including transactions within China and export from Vietnam etc, becomes necessary. In addition to freight booking and forwarder management, collection of information from other departments within the company is also an important role of these staff. Experienced persons are welcome, and we are also looking for those who have a positive attitude in problem-solving.






Contact person
Ms. Kelly Wang
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