The development of educational toys of Kodomo Challenges and Shinkenzemi is supported by our consigned manufacturers. We, Benesse Hong Kong, work together with our manufacturing subcontractors, aim at providing our children with safe and secure toys of high quality of educational & self-learning effect.


Benesse Hong Kong does not hold or operate any toy manufacturing factory.
We contract and cooperate with our partners, the experienced toy manufacturers who have cleared our strict inspection standards, to develop and produce our products. Especially for those products for infants, with the cooperation of our partner-manufacturers, the safety management on quality control is maintained in the highest level.

During the production of our toys, our persons-in-charge of quality inspection stay in the respective subcontractor. They convey the subcontractors on where detailed attention should be paid in respect of the handling method of the said products by the end-users (infants/children) and perform the checking of inspection procedure and quality of products together with the subcontractors.


Those staff in charge of product development promotion function manage the entire procedures of the realization of a product developed from the idea initiated by Benesse Corporation to the production of the actual product. Cooperated with our subcontractors, our staff are mainly in charge of the product development promotion function to enable the realization of the products and they handle the development of a yearly average of about 50 products.

As different types of products including electronics, plastics, wooden and stuffed toys are produced, staff can leverage their experience and professional knowledge during their work performance.


In order to deliver safe & secure products to our customers, we always put “Safely” & “Quality” as our top priorities, perform evaluation on our product samples and carry out improvement as well as working guidance in the production site during the production. As delivery of products with high quality standard is our mission, we, together with those suppliers who have cleared Benesse’s strict quality standard, continue to strive for the improvement of our product quality. We also in charge of technical supports such as examination of the proposal of Value Engineering and design evaluation from our subcontractors


We receive orders from our group companies in different regions, the management on export & delivery of our products, contracts-related, payment, accounting and tax related affairs are all performed by staff specialized in the respective fields.